All products are invoiced in Australian Dollars (AUD).

All products are made with Genuine LEGO® parts and DO NOT use any other building block in their construction.

We offer a lifetime guarantee on our products, if you have an accident and your model comes off second best, we will rebuild the model for you at no cost for labour. However, any postage charges to return the model to us and subsequently back to the customer, or replace damaged stickers or electronics, will be met by the customer. Custom Brick Builds will install the electronics free of charge.

Where possible we use South Australian businesses for the production of ancillary items, including our custom high quality vinyl stickers and acrylic display cases. Our Custom UV printing is done in Victoria, ensuring a total product that is Australian made and supporting Australian small business. We do not import cheaper versions from overseas.

Our invoicing is completed using the Square payment system. All fees and charges for Electronic Funds processing through Square (known as a ‘Merchant Fee’) are charged at the rate set by Square and are passed on to the customer as an EFTPOS Surcharge. The current rates are 2.2% for a card processing fee when card is not present and 1.9% when using Tap ‘N’ Go/Paypass or Swipe/Chip methods.**Payments from customers via Direct Credit Bank Transfer and Cash do not attract the EFTPOS Surcharge. We are flexible with invoicing, offering payment by instalments (layby) at no extra charge (except transaction fees) and due dates can be extended by negotiation at no further cost. Deposits paid for models to purchase parts are non-refundable once paid, this deposit implies a contractual agreement to proceed with an order. Parts remain the property of Custom Brick Builds.

Invoices that exceed 90 days overdue will be automatically cancelled if no payment has been made.